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Since 2004, CareWorks has provided healthcare services including comprehensive chronic disease management, onsite health risk assessments and screening, as well as training.

CareWorks for Workplaces

Workplace Healthcare Programme offering a range of Prevention, Treatment and Training services that impact positively on employee wellness and absenteeism.

CareWorks for Healthcare Marketplace

An ever-expanding pay-as-you-go healthcare marketplace, where you can buy healthcare services as and when you need them. All the benefits of private healthcare, but with no monthly commitment. 

CareWorks for
Life Assurance

First-to-market risk management approach that uses healthcare interventions to reduce the death and disability claims experienced in a Retirement Fund or Employer Group.

CareWorks for Medical Schemes

Proactive disease management, treatment services and promotion of preventative care for medical aid members achieving high levels of adherence whilst reducing associated costs.

CareWorks for Donors

HIV Prevention Programmes in workplaces and surrounding communities focusing on reaching high-risk males and their sexual networks, as well as other key population groups.

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