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Healthcare Marketplace

Affordable, quality primary healthcare

CareWorks has a proven track record of over twenty years in solving big healthcare issues in South Africa. Our work, both in communities and in the private sector, helps us to understand the real South African healthcare needs. The average consumer or SME cannot afford medical aid or recurring premiums. CareWorks is meeting this need head-on through its ever-expanding pay-as-you-go healthcare marketplace.


Nationwide access to private medical care


Making quality healthcare available to all South Africans is one of our founding principles at CareWorks. Our online Healthcare Marketplace is an innovative next step in enabling anyone in South Africa, whether they have private health cover or not, to access quality primary healthcare at an affordable price. Our wide network of partners enhance access to these services.

The CareWorks difference


We are committed to developing innovative products and services, and together with our partners, empowering all South Africans to live healthy, productive lives. To learn more, please visit our Healthcare Marketplace website:



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