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A proven track record

​Since 2004, CareWorks has provided healthcare services to companies and their employees, members of medical schemes, bargaining councils, life assurers & retirement funds as well as community members. Our services include comprehensive chronic disease management, prevention programmes, onsite and online health risk assessments and screening, as well as health education and training. CareWorks has a national footprint of dedicated staff and contracted providers to meet your healthcare needs throughout the country.

Chronic conditions specialists


According to a Statistics South Africa 2015 report, the top 5 leading causes of natural death in South Africa are TB, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, other heart disease and HIV. This poses a threat to medical schemes, businesses, communities and individuals. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we also saw a decrease in screening and a corresponding increase in advanced chronic conditions, significantly impacting on prognosis. This means we need to intensify our efforts. Our proven approach delivers prevention, early detection and linkage to effective and sustained care.


The CareWorks difference


Our success lies in simple approaches such as ensuring regular communication, support, reminders and education to achieve high levels of behaviour change and compliance. With our skill-sets, passionate staff, national footprint and experience, we provide high-quality, focused services that consistently achieve impact and return on investment for all stakeholders. This is Care that Works.

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