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CareWorks for Donors


CareWorks has run HIV programmes since 2009, both as a prime recipient as well as a  sub-recipient funded by various donor agencies. Most funding has been from PEPFAR through both CDC and USAID.  

Other HIV programmes have been funded by:

  • The Key Populations Investment Fund

  • The National HIV Think Tank (funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)

  • The Exxaro Chairman’s Fund

  • IFC Against AIDS

  • The Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries


CareWorks’ current programmes focus on reaching priority and key populations through integrated service delivery models at workplaces and within communities.

Funded services include:

  • HIV Testing Services (HTS)

  • Patient management and treatment, through the CareWorks virtual ePharmacy, to support Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) and Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

  • HIV self-screening (HIVSS) for hard-to-reach and key population clients


CareWorks provides differentiated services depending on the population group and addresses structural barriers to uptake.  This increases access to services as well as continuity of care, and reduces new infections in high-risk populations.


CareWorks also has extensive experience in developing and implementing demand creation strategies and has run large programmes in support of the South African Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Programme (VMMC).

  • Proven Key Population-led peer mobilisation and delivery of health services for Men who have Sex with Men and Female Sex Workers, as well as other key population groups

  • High quality and confidential HTS as well as linkages to Care and Treatment services and complementery programmes


  • Prevention interventions aimed at behaviour change and risk reduction, including PrEP and voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), as well as other complementary services

  • Education and support that aims to reduce stigma and discrimination within the key and priority populations


  • Established Contact Centre support across all programme areas to increase linkages and continuity of care and provide psycho-social support to people living with HIV (PLHIV) and those most at-risk for HIV

  • Robust Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) systems with proprietary app-based solutions, integrated document management systems, reporting tools and performance management


  • Virtual ePharmacy which is client and care centered, technologically advanced, evidence based and focused on achieving high levels of treatment initiation as well as retention in care


  • Proven Capacity building of CSOs/NGOs for sustainable programming and transition planning

  • Evidence-based, data-driven interventions

  • Mobile services of the highest quality that are easily accessed by clients

  • Scalable and adaptable programmes to ensure cost efficiency and consistent meeting of targets

  • Responsive programming driven by client needs and programme outcomes

  • High success rate across all 95/95/95 programme areas


  • Successful integration of private sector and public sector programmes for impact and reach

  • High linkage results (97% linkage rate)

  • Care-centered psychosocial support, tailored to clients’ needs, results in high retention in care rates (currently at 98%)

  • Technology based solutions deliver excellent results – over 30 000 HIVSS kits distributed though online ordering platform, supported by ePharmacy

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