CareWorks PrePaid Health Vouchers

Affordable, quality primary healthcare

Making quality healthcare available to all South Africans is one of our founding principles at CareWorks. The Nurse & Video-Dr voucher is an innovative next step in enabling anyone in South Africa, whether they have private health cover or not, to access quality primary healthcare at an affordable price. Our wide network of participating pharmacy clinics enhance access to these services.  

Nationwide access to private medical care


The Nurse & Video-Dr voucher is a product designed to assist customers and their loved ones with treating the most common minor ailments. This allows for a nurse visit at one of our participating pharmacy clinics. The nurse is able to connect the customer to a doctor via a live video link. As required, the doctor will prescribe select medication which will be provided at the pharmacy dispensary.

The CareWorks difference


We are committed to developing innovative products and services, and together with our partners, empowering all South Africans to live healthy, productive lives. To learn more about our PrePaid Health Voucher product, please visit