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Wellness Champions


CareWorks offers Wellness Champion programmes that can either focus on HIV exclusively, or on more general wellness (including HIV). 

Wellness Champions (often referred to as Peer Educators) are important communication and behavioural-change agents supporting an organisation’s healthcare strategy.

We offer accredited training courses, supported by monthly debriefing and mentoring sessions,

on-going telephonic support, and a poster education programme.

Refresher courses are also available.

  • Five-day (SETA accredited) and three-day (non-SETA accredited) courses

  • Line Management Training (4-hours) promotes internal support for the programme

  • Monthly face-to-face sessions (4-hours) provide Wellness Champions with life-skills training as well as a review of the monthly activities and outcomes

  • Monthly telephonic support

  • Educational posters containing a monthly health topic

  • When supported and motivated, Wellness Champions are change agents who influence, refer and encourage their peers to make positive lifestyle choices

  • Wellness Champions understand and know how to support their peers along their journey to wellness

  • Continuity of Programme even after service providers have left

  • Ground-up reporting on successes and challenges within the Programme



Wellness Champion Programmes are proven to have a positive impact on wellness within the workplace by actively promoting prevention practices and health seeking behaviour.

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