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Return to Work

CareWorks for Medical Schemes


Return to Work uses healthcare interventions to optimise Disability Claimants’ prospects of returning to work and reduces their risk of relapse. It focuses on the Claimant’s specific needs and circumstances providing Care Coordination across a range of conditions.

The Return to Work programme has been proven to substantially impact on Disability Claims within Retirement Funds.

  • Personalised care coordination intervention focusing on the Claimant’s medical condition working together with the existing treating team.

  • Experienced clinicians under guidance of independent expert advisory panel

  • Prescribed blood tests, radiology, doctor’s visits, counselling & education as well as medication – all delivered through private, professional providers.

  • Improved wellness for the Claimant

  • Reduced claims for the Retirement Fund

  • Skills retention for the Employer

  • Enhanced product offering for the Underwriter


Return to Work is an attractive proposition for Retirement Funds and Underwriters as a Healthcare Risk Management strategy that impacts on claims, pricing and reserving requirements.

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