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CareWorks for Medical Schemes


RampART is an alternative risk management strategy using healthcare interventions to reduce the death and disability claims experience within a Retirement Fund.

This bespoke HIV Management Programme provides comprehensive antiretroviral treatment for all HIV positive Members of a Retirement Fund or Employer Group and reduces the HIV-related incidence of death and illness.

  • First HIV Disease Management Programme for the Retirement Fund Industry with an optional priced-in benefit to reduce the HIV-related incidence of death and illness in Retirement Funds or Employee Groups

  • Proactive HIV Risk Management aimed to protect Funds, Employers and their members from the degenerative impact of HIV/AIDS, by providing state-of-the-art antiretroviral therapy

  • Comprehensive HIV Treatment Programme including antiretroviral medication, doctor visits, related pathology, mother tongue counselling and education.

  • Free HIV Treatment Programme for the Retirement Fund Member

  • Reduced Death and Disability claims for the Retirement Fund

  • Improved productivity and reduced absenteeism for the Employer

  • Enhanced product offering for the Underwriter


RampART is an effective strategy for Retirement Funds or Employer Groups to reduce HIV/AIDS-related Death and Disability claims and stabilise premium costs.

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