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Masibambane HIV Prevention


CareWorks offers the Masibambane HIV Prevention Programme using interactive learning to focus on a combination approach to HIV prevention.

The programme results in a high uptake of voluntary HIV testing at Wellness Days and other health events.

By addressing the behavioural factors that put employees at risk of HIV infection, CareWorks is able to increase knowledge of HIV, STIs and TB as well as to promote positive health-seeking behaviour.

  • Evidence-based interventions designed to increase uptake of HIV testing and to promote behaviour change for high-risk individuals

  • HIV testing with TB and STI screening is offered to all employees where all workers who screen positive are supported and linked into treatment though the outbound multi-lingual contact centre

  • Modularised delivery of training as well as multiple service, individual testing stations means that high volumes of employees can be processed in one day, resulting in limited impact on productivity

  • Increased uptake of HIV services

  • Proactive case finding results in reduced infection rates and HIV morbidity

  • An informed workforce results in prevention impact in the workforce and direct communities



HIV affects every workplace with prolonged employee illness, absenteeism and death; impacting on productivity, employee benefits and production costs.

By educating your workforce and addressing the factors that affect behaviour, you can prevent new infections, thereby reducing the financial burden of HIV/AIDS for the organisation.

A successful workplace combination prevention programme may also improve labour/employee relations.

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