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L-EAP: linked-employee assistance programme


L-EAP focuses on the major causes of long term unwellness by focusing on:

  • Intensive case finding of chronic conditions such as mental health, diabetes, cardiovascular disease

  • Linking to available treatment programmes

  • Treatment initiation and adherence support

  • Employees answer a health risk assessment online or telephonically and receive personalised risk reports


  • High- risk employees receive an electronic voucher for further screening services


  • CareWorks Nurses or Doctors contact employees to discuss results and ensure linkage to treatment


  • Employer receives comprehensive de-identified reporting

  • L-EAP results in early diagnosis and linkage to care of at-risk employees

  • Focus on specific disease and conditions where interventions can make an impact

  • Provides for continuity in care that ensures return on investment



L-EAP is an effective and sustainable approach to wellness in the workplace.

Early detection of at-risk employees enables linkage into Treatment Programmes with improved retention in care. This decreases absenteeism and improves productivity as well as staff morale.

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