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A proven strategy to reduce Disability claims

Finally, a Healthcare Risk Management strategy that impacts positively on claims, pricing, and reserving requirements. We use healthcare interventions to optimise Claimants’ prospects of returning to work and reduce their risk of relapse.

Early Return to Work


Our Return to Work product drives wellness within Retirement Funds and Employer Groups resulting in reduced Disability claims for the Fund and Underwriter. It focuses on the Claimant’s specific needs and circumstances providing Care Coordination across a range of conditions.

We deliver:

  • Improved wellness for the Claimant

  • Reduced claims for the Retirement Fund

  • Skills retention for the Employer

  • Enhanced product offering for the Underwriter



  • Personalised care coordination focusing on the Claimant’s medical condition, working with the existing treating team

  • Experienced clinicians under guidance of independent expert advisory panel

  • Prescribed blood tests, radiology, doctor’s visits, counselling & education as well as medication – all delivered through private, professional providers


Return to Work is a proven proposition for Retirement Funds and Underwriters, with a track record of substantially impacting on Disability Claims.

R2W Predict™


Following years of clinical experience, CareWorks has developed a return to work prediction tool that uses an AI platform, combining outcomes and machine learning techniques to accurately calculate the probability of a claimant’s return to work.

Clinical decision making is enhanced by the R2W Predict™ engine’s ability to score the probability of a claimant returning to work. This allows Assessors to select the right cases to manage, ensuring resources are appropriately applied to high probability return to work cases.

R2W Predict™:

  • Provides an initial probability score based on the data you have on hand

  • Helps you identify missing information

  • Provides an updated score after new information is gathered

  • Enables informed clinical prioritisation, ensuring that you select and manage the right cases

  • Allows early decision making with early intervention and targeted resourcing

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