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Comprehensive care coordination & treatment programmes

After many years of experience in serving both the employee wellness and Life Assurance Disability market, we understand the real causes of employee unwellness - and how to address them.

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L-EAP (Linked-Employee Assistance Programme)


Does your current programme deliver measurable ROI?

  • Is it costly?

  • Are you able to measure the impact?

  • How valued is it by your employees?

L-EAP focuses on the major causes of long term unwellness by focusing on:

  • Intensive case finding of chronic conditions such as mental health, diabetes, cardiovascular disease

  • Linking to available treatment programmes

  • Treatment initiation and adherence support


How does it work?

  • Employees answer a health risk assessment online or telephonically and receive personalised risk report

  • High-risk employees receive an electronic voucher for further screening services

  • CareWorks Nurses or Doctors contact employees to discuss results and ensure linkage to treatment

  • Employer receives comprehensive de-identified reporting

CareWorks delivers a wide range of employee wellness programmes and solutions:

  • Both onsite and virtual wellness days

  • Wellness Champions Programme

  • Workplace Peer Education

  • HTS

  • Well@Work

Wellness Champion Programme


The success of any wellness programme relies on passionate individuals who align with organisational goals and drive behaviour change.  Our Wellness Champions are those change agents, nominated by you, dedicated to mobilising employees for health screening and gaining their commitment to your programme.

CareWorks’ comprehensive training and ongoing support equips your Wellness Champions for this vital role:

  • 3-Day Training Course:  our initial training empowers your Champions with the knowledge, skills, and behaviour change expertise required to effectively support your wellness programme

  • Clinical & Psycho-Social Overview: Champions gain insights into HIV, chronic diseases, sexual reproductive health (including cancers), and learn when, where, and how to refer individuals in need of help

  • Life Skills: we teach cognitive listening, reporting and essential administrative tasks your Champions need to excel in their role

  • Ongoing Development: our continuous training and development programme builds on their skills and knowledge, enabling them to address complex behavioural issues and improve personal and group interactions across various social concerns, all with a wellness-focused perspective


With CareWorks’ Wellness Champions Programme, you can count on dedicated individuals committed to promoting wellness, creating a healthier workforce, and ensuring the success of your wellness initiatives:

  • Motivated & invigorated to activate change

  • Proactive Wellness Advocates

  • Addiction and Substance-Abuse Awareness

  • Effective Conversationalists

  • Up-to-Date Clinical Knowledge of HIV, AIDS, TB, and STIs

  • Chronic Disease & Mental Health Awareness

  • Campaign Leadership Skills

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