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Zulu Flyers

A5, full colour

Poster 1a - lets stop COVID OM Zulu.jpg

1a: Let's stop COVID

Poster 3a - is the vaccine safe OM Zulu.

3a: Is the vaccine safe?

Poster 5a - side effects OM Zulu.jpg

5a: Vaccine side-effects

Poster 1b - vaccine assist OM Zulu.jpg

1b: Vaccine Assist

Poster 3b - does the vaccine work OM Zul

3b: Does the vaccine work?

Poster 5b - after the vaccine OM

5b: After vaccination

2a: Vaccine Rollout

Poster 4a - why vaccinate OM Zulu.jpg

4a: Why vaccinate?

Poster 6a - how to register OM Zulu.jpg

6a: How to register

Poster 2b - vaccine priority OM Zulu.jpg

2b: Vaccine Priority

Poster 4b - all the tools OM Zulu.jpg

4b: Use all the tools

Poster 6b - the process OM Zulu.jpg

6b: The process

Poster 7a - will the vaccine give me COV

7a: Will the vaccine give me COVID-19?

Poster 7b - fight COVID myths OM

7b: Fight COVID-19 myths

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