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The highest standards of data protection and service excellence

At CareWorks, we leverage cutting-edge cloud architecture and advanced IT systems. Our robust infrastructure enables us to provide services securely and efficiently. This includes a range of systems, from managed file transfer platforms to our proprietary Care System™ for case management, and the Well@Work health voucher platform.

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Information Security

Commitment to POPIA Compliance

  • CareWorks operates with sensitive personal information. Our ethical compliance with the POPI Act ensures confidence in our ability to protect your data, and where necessary, respond proactively to threats, incidents and breaches.

Information Security at the core

  • All systems are built on a foundation of information security ensuring confidentiality, integrity, availability and timeous deletion of data. Information security is woven into every aspect of our operations, encompassing IT systems, data handling methods, and continuous employee training.

Care System™

Redefining workflow efficiency

At CareWorks, we understand the importance of streamlining your operations, maximising productivity, and ensuring the highest level of security in the healthcare industry. That's why we've developed the Care System™ - our cutting-edge proprietary workflow management system designed to revolutionise the way you handle documents, schedule and manage workflows, and create new services… all in a fraction of the time it takes with the legacy systems.


Care System™

  • A new approach to managing workflow, allowing users to service clients faster, in a more logical and efficient manner. Document Management is streamlined, enabling more accurate capture of documents.

  • A prioritisation of data security with best practices including access control, user auditing, encryption for data at rest, and multifactor authentication.

Latest in System Architecture

  • The Care System™ stands at the forefront of technology, employing state-of-the-art system architecture and programming frameworks to guarantee exceptional performance and future-proofing.

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