The Wellness Way


CareWorks provides a peer-based approach to Workplace Wellness (using Wellness Champions) targeting at-risk employees to identify specific chronic conditions and diseases of lifestyle.

This is augmented by health surveys, wellness screening and health education using mobile technology (with ongoing proactive support and reporting).

  • Wellness Champion orientation Training (one day)

  • Health surveys to educate employees on different chronic diseases and identify potentially high-risk individuals

  • Standard wellness screening, including blood pressure, blood glucose levels, cholesterol, body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference measurement (wellness days)

  • Ongoing telephonic follow-up support to link at-risk employees into existing Treatment Programmes

  • The Wellness Way Programme results in early diagnosis and linkage to care of at-risk employees

  • Focus on specific disease and conditions where interventions can make an impact

  • Provides for continuity in care that ensures return on investment



The Peer-driven programme used in the Wellness Way creates an effective and sustainable approach to wellness in the workplace.

Early detection of at-risk employees enables linkage into Treatment Programmes with improved retention in care. This decreases absenteeism and improves productivity as well as staff morale.