Treatment Programme

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CareWorks offers a comprehensive Treatment Programme for a range of conditions including Diabetes, HIV, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Disease.

Our contact centre (in all South African languages) is central to the Treatment Programme where skilled tele-counsellors keep in regular contact with employees to provide support, education and service reminders.

Our Programme covers all related doctor visits, blood tests, radiology as well as the delivery of medication to the employee’s chosen address.

  • CareWorks is accredited by the SA Council for Medical Schemes to provide treatment across a wide range of Diseases. Comprehensive or single disease Treatment Programmes can be provided to employees as part of a Workplace Employee Wellness Programme

  • All associated administration including benefits and card-holder-file management as well as provider contracting and payment

  • Outbound contact centre ensures that employees are regularly supported and remain adherent on treatment

  • Detailed reporting on uptake, utilisation and adherence

  • The CareWorks Treatment Programme maximises linkages to care as well as treatment adherence resulting in optimal health outcomes for employees

  • Employees are better equipped to understand and take ownership of the management of their disease or condition

  • Minimises time off work due to illness or accessing ad hoc healthcare providers / state clinics



The CareWorks Treatment Programme is an efficient solution for employees with chronic conditions and diseases of lifestyle that improves wellness, productivity and morale in the workplace whilst reducing absenteeism.

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