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Since 2009, CareWorks has received funding, both as a prime recipient as well as a sub-recipient from various donor agencies. The bulk of the donor funding has been from The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) - a U.S. government programme intended to save the lives of people suffering from HIV/AIDS around the world.

CareWorks currently has sub-awards through both CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and USAID (United States Agency for International Development). This funding supports the National Department of Health’s (NDoH) National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB and STI reduction in South Africa.

CareWorks’ funded programmes integrate into already existing workplace programmes and leverage off these relationships to increase service delivery to include those employees who would not normally be included in workplace programmes like limited duration and contract workers.

CareWorks funded services currently include HIV Testing Services (HTS), demand creation for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision and Prevention Services for Priority and Key Populations both in workplaces and communities.

  • Access to Priority Populations and those most-at-risk in the transport, mining, construction & civil engineering and agricultural sectors

  • High quality and confidential HTS that increases the number of people knowing their status as well as linkages to Care and Treatment services

  • Prevention interventions aimed at behaviour change and risk reduction, concentrating on four primary areas of education including mobilisation for HTS, condom usage, gender-based violence and voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC)

  • Mobilisation of eligible males for VMMC including field mobilisation, workplace programmes, contact centre, technology-based interventions and media campaigns

  • Robust monitoring and evaluation (M&E) supported by proprietary software and systems such as app-based solutions, integrated document management systems, reporting tools and performance management

  • Contact centre support across all programme areas in all South African languages to increase linkages and provide psycho-social & logistical support to clients

  • Evidence-based interventions, driven by data, support the PEPFAR "Focusing for Impact” strategy concentrating resources and activities, geographically and programmatically, in high-burden areas

  • Mobile services of the highest quality that are easily accessible by clients

  • Programmes are scalable and adaptable to ensure cost efficiency and that targets are met

  • CareWorks has unique expertise and experience in working with the “5Ms” – working males who are migrant, mobile, (earn) money & marginalised (in that they largely do not qualify for medical aid cover). These “5Ms” are a combination that makes this group highly vulnerable to HIV infection but requires definite skill-sets in reaching with impactful HIV and wellness interventions

  • As CareWorks provides the full suite of prevention, linking to treatment and retention in treatment services in its private sector work – all with extremely high success rates, we are ideally placed to offer all elements in the 90-90-90 strategy



CareWorks provides highly effective services to hard-to-reach Priority and Key Populations through its funded programmes. Focused mobilisation and behaviour-change interventions ensure that “at risk populations” are reached and that targets are met.

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